11 days to go till the first county event

For Madison, as a level 3/2 swimmer, counties are hugely exciting. There are only 11 days to go and as a swimmer Madison has to decide, to either train until she dropps or take it nice and easy, relax and rely on core strength.

I think the second option is the better one. There are 7 years of swimming training to rely on and the speed will also be enhanced by the competition atmosphere on the day. Training 5 days per week now and doing land training, having good times with friends and being happy has a big influence on performance.

After the first county event, the 800 freestyle Madison also has a nice birthday party with a friend to look forward to.

Underhand there are a lot of negotiations going on about training schedules and club membership, which I think every parent should engage in, if they have queries about such issues.

The happiness of the swimmer is always paramount and it is always better to query and contribute to the development of swimming practises rather than pack ones bag and leave in frustration.

Madison now concentrates on good nutrition, regular training and school work and keeping her social connections going.

For many swimmers here in London there is often a huge gap between school friends and swimming friends as most other pupils at secondary stage are not engaged in swimming. It is very important to help the swimmers to feel confident about their sport. Great to look forward to Counties where the swimmer crowds will help make a good atmosphere and they’ll cheer each other on.

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