Pools and schools

It is possible to combine successfully schooling and swimming. If you look at a schools’ registries, they have a lot of categories under which they can book a pupil’s lateness and/or absence.

Swimming is classified as out-side education. If a swimmer is late for school because of swimming, they need not get a late mark, they are at outside education.

There are specialised sports schools in China, who combine education and sport, there is one very famous swimming school in England named Millfield but here in London we either have pools or schools generally.

I am very sorry to hear that some swimmers get reprimanded by their schools for being late after morning practise and strongly want to encourage all parents taking up that point with their school and make them aware that their child is at out-side education rather than being late.

Unfortunately morning practise has become a sticking point for many and some swimmers rather drop out of morning practise. You got to be strongly motivated for morning practise.

Please let your swimming coach write you a letter, stating the training schedule, present this to your school and get the headmaster to authorise absence because of this out-side education.

Morning training is an excellent prep for a school day, it clears the mind, reduces stress and helps to feel better throughout the day. Madison went for morning training during her Primary SATS and did extremely well.