British champs qualifying times

The age count only starts at the year 2000, so for anybody who is younger still there is that feeling: ‘plenty of time to get it’. 50 freestyle in 27:30 must be a doddle for a hard-swimming 16 year old.

Madison is 12 now and swims 50 free in just over 32 secs. It’s best to set a goal, e.g. improve by 1:20 second per year. Kids often make immense best times as they grow. Thinking that once the gym work kicks in times will get faster still.

It’s all a matter of sticking with the sport. It’s the biggest mistake to change sport once an athlete has spent so many years training on this already.

Whilst 4 seconds to gain on 50 free doesn’t seem a lot it is probably more difficult than knocking 30 seconds of a longer distance. We will see those qualifying times are for 2017, how fast will they be in 2021?

I have chosen the LACPP club for Madison because I think she has a better chance of getting better at 50m swimming when she trains each day in a 50 m pool. Most good swimmers in Britain train regularly in 50m pools.