Redbridge the 2-year interval age-group

Age-groups in 2 yearly intervals are very tough for those who are on the first steps of the year ladder. Madison only just turned 12 but her age-group spanned 12 – 13, meaning that anybody between 12 and almost 14 could take part.

We are grateful Madison could achieve some PB’s but her best placing out of all her races was 8th.

Madison usually ranks better in races, which are held in single age-groups e.g. just 12. But it always usually works out that those near the end of their age group do better than those at the beginning.

It is important as a younger swimmer, to not just become a medal hunter and only enter competitions where you know you are very likely to get a medal because of age and best stroke. Important it is though, to enter competitions for your weakest stroke and rather be last and work your way up than ignore that stroke and never learn it.

Click for the full results of the meet on 1/2 October 2016, Early County Qualifier at Fullwell Cross here.