Poolside homework

In Tower Hamlets I feel, there are fewer Secondary School pupils engaged with competitive swimming than in other boroughs. Most schools here in Tower Hamlets are more or less strongly competing in ball games or athletics rather than swimming. There is one school with a pool in the borough.

Madison has been swimming since 7 years and her homework schedule increased since attending Bishop Challoner School for Girls. When to do homework is always an issue.

I noticed there are plenty of homework clubs in Tower Hamlets but none are near pools. I think one way of increasing Secondary pupils’ swimming would be help with homework whilst waiting for the session.

Madison goes to the pool straight after school as there is not enough time to go home and then to the pool. There is about 45 minutes wait, which can be used brilliantly to do some homework.

Perhaps pool operators could make one of their suits available for homework clubs to encourage secondary pupils to come to swimming sessions.

Especially now as many more parents work, homework clubs combined with swimming sessions would help both parents, the swimmers and the sport.