LBWF meeting 25/9/16, 4 medals but mixed feelings

Madison won 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals but did not get all PB times with those medals won.

Whilst I have mixed feelings about the statistics of the times achieved, Madison and her friends enjoyed themselves tremendously at the meet. Swimmers have great comradeship and enjoy the competitions.

Here are the facts, all medals won in age group 12 in 50 meter pool, all times stated 50 m times. See the published results here for

  1.  1 Gold 100 back 01:24:61 (previous best 01:23:21)
  2. 1 Silver 50 free 33:34 (previous best 32:27)
  3. 2 Bronze 200 free 02:46:08 (new PB) and 200 back in 03:00:41 (previous best 2:57:90)
  4. 5th place 200 free 01:16:12 (previous best 1:14:83
  5. 6th place 200 IM 03:06:64 (New PB)

It was the first meet of the season and swimmers have to warm up after the long summer break. Obviously I would love to see new PBs with all races entered and medals won.

Madison raised awareness for her new club LACPP, due to circumstances, she was the only swimmer for her new club and many swimmers enquired what LACPP is, as they never heard of it. They have heard about it now.

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