After the exercise

Following our A day without swimming exercises on Sunday, Madison had severe muscle pains in her legs, I felt it too, it felt like I had grown some extra muscle on my legs and walked with a spring in my step.

I am not certain why a 12-year old would get muscle pains after 1 hour of workout. She did land training previously and is well exercised. This wicked guy called Jo used to run land training sessions at Sharks but has now left to join the Royal Navy, his exercises were very good indeed.

The exercises I did with Madison are the ones I had to do twice daily as a child when I was sent by the German Health Service to Schloss Ditterswind on health breaks for 6 weeks in the summer holidays. The doctors sent me there because they thought it could improve my Scoliosis, which it didn’t. But it did help my fitness throughout my life-time.

Another wicked exercise experience I had when I joined a parents’ fitness class in Primary school. I had to climb onto a normal size chair around 60 – 80 times and do other exercises. The next day I needed painkillers just to be able to walk around. The instructor was surprised I even could do what was asked of me.

I think also that dancing is a very good muscle toner, especially ballroom dancing, e.g. the Waltz help a lot.