swimming as a sport for school kids

My granddaughter always had excellent school results despite going swimming regularly, or perhaps because she went swimming regularly. Whichever, I did not want to stop her as her swimming results gotten better and faster whilst her school exams were all top results.

Whilst we started with basic lessons twice per week, it escalated to 3 – 4 times per week with lessons having moved from the small pool to the big pool and they lasted thenĀ 40 minutes per session. We now go swimming 6 times per week and do extra workouts at home.

We always looked forward to the swimming, it is a great way to eliminate the daily stress and put the energy into the daily workout. Even when my granddaughter had to participate in the SATS level 2, she never missed her swimming sessions as they help feeling great. Her SATS results literally were the best in the small primary she attended. See also my page about swimming and education.

Schools actually can book any lateness because of early morning swimming before school as education outside of school and so it does count as attended.