In the beginning, we used cheap goggles and a cap given by the Better team. Later that changed to the club hat and the goggles gotten more and more expensive as with competitions come the need to have leak-proof and steam-free goggles, that do not come off during the starting jump.

We tried a lot of different brands and then stuck with the ones that were best for us. In general every swimmer needs

  • 2 pairs of goggles
  • 2 swimming hats (hair management systems are an option)
  • 2 swimming costumes for training
  • 2 swimming costumes for competitions
  • pool shoes
  • training fins
  • hand and finger paddles
  • floats
  • snorkel
  • pullboy
  • drag shorts
  • good water bottle with a valve that is open
  • the club kit
  • cosy towel
  • after care like shampoo
  • kit bag
  • a log book where swimming times are recorded
  • a medal rack

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